As befits a bunch of five bluff chaps who began to play together at a London college in the mid-2000s, Ambervision used to do some melodic, punchy tunes which gave a nod to The Libertines. However, before long, their insatiable musical curiosity and technical know-how led them to a far more expansive musicality. Their latest collection of songs is a rather trippy revelation by an unashamedly emotional English indie band, happier in a studio than a garage, who dig post-rock amongst "heaps of other stuff".

As their first gig was playing intro music ata boxing match, it's hardly surprising that their musical development has been reflected in where their music has taken them - whilst making their way round the London circuit they've managed to play in a public toilet, at a Charlatans after-show party and supported the likes of The View, Mike Joyce from the Smiths and Marky Ramone.

On top of this they're 'Big in Bulgaria' thanks to being featured in the film Love.Net, which stars Uriah Heep's frontman.

Maybe give then a listen?